EXPERTISE. With a combined 10 years experience with the Microsoft collaboration and productivity tools, our team is able to help with all the Microsoft Cloud supporting technologies.

QUICK HELP.  We will jump on and help you solve the quick issues and questions.  15 minutes may be all you need to keep your project moving.

MENTORING AND TRAINING.  We believe in not only building your solution or solving your problem but providing you mentoring along the way so you can do it your self in the future (if you want!).

DEDICATION TO OUR CUSTOMERS.  By the time you find us, many of you have already made the choice to move forward with SharePoint, Office 365, or Azure.  Let us help you get the most out of that investment.

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE .  We are not just technologists.  While we are passionate about using technology to improve your organization, we have worked in other areas.  We have been in sales, operations, customer service, HR, and management roles in addition to our tech roles.


Give us the responsibility and have much peace, while we take the work off your plan.